FormulaChop Features

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Completely Offline Access

  • Register to get an access key, valid for 1 full year
  • FormulaChop uses a licensing system that checks your access key locally

Ribbon Controls

  • FormulaChop's controls are on the FORMULAS tab of the ribbon
  • Click Chop to get started on a formula

FormulaChop Tab

  • FormulaChop creates an output tab for the formula
  • All formula data appears in one place
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  • Precedents are all copied to the FormulaChop tab
  • FormulaChop labels precedents and highlights key values
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Same Formula,

Easier to Read

  • FormulaChop rebuilds the formula to refer to the FormulaChop tab
  • Labels replace cell references in formulas
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Order Of Operations

  • FormulaChop shows the steps the formula takes to reach its result
  • Arrows point to each step
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  • All dependents are labeled and organized
  • FormulaChop groups adjacent dependents together
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Save Output

  • The FormulaChop tab is automatically deleted before a save or close
  • It will only be saved if you choose
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Time-Saving Features

  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • History of previous chops
  • Jump through precedents
  • Display the FormulaChop tab in a separate window
  • Chop any value on the FormulaChop tab

Complex Formulas

  • FormulaChop supports these tricky Excel features:
  • OFFSET(), INDIRECT(), 3D ranges, dynamic ranges