License Types


FormulaChop is free for personal use. You may use FormulaChop on as many machines as you like for non-commercial activity.


FormulaChop requires a subscription for commercial use. Subscriptions may be purchased from our subscribe page.

License Properties

FormulaChop license are

  • Delivered to your e-mail in the form of a key
  • Activated offline
  • Unique to machines, so a license for one machine will not work on a different machine
  • One year in duration. After one year, you will need to get a new key.

Commercial Subscriptions

After purchasing one or more commercial licenses, you will receive an e-mail containing your account number.

Your account will be credited with the number of licenses you have purchased. So if you bought 10 licenses, you receive 10 license credits.

A license credit is used each time you activate a FormulaChop license. Licenses cannot be de-activated in exchange for a credit.


If you need to transfer a license from one machine to another, please contact us

License credits are automatically added to your account when you are billed. So if you subscribed for 10 licenses, 10 credits will be added one year after you subscribed. Unused license credits carry forward into the next year.

License Keys

A license key is used to activate a FormulaChop license.

To get a key, click the Get License Key button in the License dialog box.

You will be taken to a special webpage and asked to input

  1. Your Email address
    • The key will be delivered to this address
  2. Your Account number
    • If you are using FormulaChop for personal use, you can leave this blank
    • If you have a commercial subscription, enter your account number here
    • When you click Get License Key, your account will be deducted one license credit

After you click Get License Key, the key will be delivered to your e-mail address.


You will receive an e-mail containing your license key.

Copy it from the e-mail and paste it into the License dialog box.

Click Activate and FormulaChop will be activated.


FormulaChop licenses expire after 1 year.

When your license expires, follow the same instructions to obtain and activate a new key.