Understanding Formulas with FormulaChop

  • How to use FormulaChop on any cell in the workbook

Select a cell containing a formula in the workbook, navigate to the FORMULAS tab, and click the Chop button.


The FormulaChop FormulaChop Tab will open. The colors of the ranges in the Formula section correspond to the colors in the Precedents section


Because FormulaChop creates a new tab for its output, it will not work on a spreadsheet that is protected.

Formula Step-by-Step

To see the formula broken out step-by-step, see the Step by Step section


To see the cell’s dependents, see the Dependents section

Keyboard Shortcuts

More Information

  • Some information is hidden by default, see the FormulaChop Tab section to learn more


  • If FormulaChop does not run on a cell, or does something unexpected, see the FormulaChop Status Messages in the lower-left corner of Excel.